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Christmas celebrations: the delicacies of Garda Veronese

With the Christmas atmosphere, the table is also enriched with delicious dishes and flavours. This is what the land around Lake Garda in Verona offers

Lake Garda on the table: winter and its delicacies

Lake Garda enchants with its landscapes, but also with its delicious cuisine, the result of selected raw materials, passion, traditions and history.

Lake Garda cradle of mysteries and ancient legends

Lake Garda is the cradle of ancient legends and mysterious stories that have their roots in its territories and among its fresh waters

The Garda from a different perspective: try the paragliding

Lake Garda and its landscapes are unforgettable, even more so if viewed from a different perspective: experience a paragliding flight

Experience Lake Garda on a sailing boat, make your holiday special!

Lake Garda is a fantastic environment to practice water sports and sailing is the queen among the most exciting experiences that Garda offers

Walks and trails around Lake Garda

Lake Garda offers many routes to do on foot or by bike between the coast and the hinterland. Like these three walks ideal for tourists of Garda