Lake Garda on the table: winter and its delicacies

Lake Garda enchants guests with its landscapes, but also with its delicious cuisine, consisting of traditional dishes, based on genuine products, typical of this wonderful territory, full of resources. 

When you have products originating in the area, you can also make some of the specialities at home, after tasting them directly on site.

In the restaurants, taverns, bars and clubs of Lake Garda you have the opportunity to taste traditional recipes such as first and second courses with fish from the lake, meat dishes, vegetables and fruit from the area, and also delicious desserts depending on the season, interpreted by the chefs that make them dishes able to enchant the eye and, above all, to conquer your palate.

Autumn and winter on the table

Depending on the season, and here it depends on when you decide to stay on the lake, you can enjoy very different dishes.

In autumn you can taste the chestnuts of San Zeno that grow in the woods around Lake Garda and in the area of Baldo, in the delicious roast version, walking through the streets of the center or protagonists of delicious and sweet dishes, or mushrooms, excellent in risottos or with tagliatelle. In winter you can taste the peppery bread and mulled wine, maybe walking through the Christmas markets.

There is also no shortage of dairy products around our lake: fresh and mature cheeses, served with delicious jams, mustards or honey, are a truly delicious end to a meal. An example for all is Monte Veronese, with different degrees of seasoning.

The meat dishes include stewed and baked rabbit, game in autumn with mushrooms and polenta, homemade pasta and, again, polenta and cod with onions for San Martino on November 11. 

To make each dish even more special, there is the excellent extra virgin olive oil of Lake Garda, which will make the flavor of every dish intense and fragrant. 

What could be better than to accompany tasty and tasty dishes such as tagliatelle with meat sauce, risotto with nettles, tortellini and tarts with the excellent white and red wines or Rose of the area? The wines of the territory will give that extra touch to every lunch and dinner that you will enjoy on these shores, in any month of the year!

The dishes of the "great occasions"

In the Veronese area the dish of great winter occasions is boiled meat (cotechino, tongue, head, beef pulp), served with the famous "pearà", a sauce prepared with ox marrow (today with butter), breadcrumbs, pepper and broth.

Boiled meat is traditionally preceded by tagliatelle in broth, sometimes accompanied by chicken livers. It was once considered a gourmet menu: it was added to the broth, in addition to Parmesan cheese, a few tablespoons of red wine. 

Another winter delicacy is the risotto with "pestùm", a minced pulp and fat of freshly slaughtered pork, used to make cold cuts. A nutritious and complete first course, to combine with a nice glass of red wine.

Traditional sweets

Among the sweets with an ancient flavour, we must remember the "fogàssa", a genuine mixture of flour, water, a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, egg, a little sugar and some olive oil.

The grandmothers of Garda used to cook it delicately on the grill, with sweet embers, and this "sweet focaccia" was then consumed in milk for breakfast or in wine as dessert. There is also a salty version, without egg and sugar, excellent to replace bread and to be added to cold cuts.

During the Christmas holidays there are the "nadalìn", the classic Pandoro of Verona, all year round the sfogliatine, then the "sòssole" at Carnival and the small "sanvigilìni", with flour, butter and sugar, eggs, yeast and the addition of raisins.

They are the result of a careful choice of raw materials, processing techniques, history, passion, culture and traditions of our territory. They can be found, depending on the season, in bakery shops, restaurants and craft workshops. First, however, it is worth tasting them here and let yourself be conquered by the flavours and scents of our wonderful Lake Garda.