Lightning holidays: a weekend on Lake Garda, between sport, relax and nature.

There are days , especially on Mondays , that are difficult to deal with. Maybe because of a boring weekend or because at work the situation is heavy or maybe you just need to cut the air a little bit…
Who never happened to start the week, dreaming of escaping from everyday life?

Often, however, the dream stops when faced with small difficulties.
There is no time, the dreamed destination is far away, it is now late to book: the excuses that we tell each other to stay in the confort zone (which is often not even so confortable) are many.

The solution to recharge exists and it is within everyone’s reach: several studies confirm that to regain energy and face the months that separate us from the summer holidays is enought a mini-holiday of one or two days. 
So have you ever thought of a weekend on Lake Garda?

Why do you choose Lake Garda for a mini weekend escape?

Lake Garda is one of the favourite destinations of many travellers from all over Europe.
In fact Lake Garda is not only the largest Italian lake but it has unique characteristics. Its transparent blue waters , mild climate and the presence of unspoiled nature, make it small paradise in the heart of the Po valley, celebrated by poets such as Dante and Göthe and used as a holiday , since Roman times. 
But Lake Garda is still much, much more!

One thing is certain: Lake Garda offers opportunities for fun and relax to suit all needs ; family,  sportspeople,  group of friends or a couple looking for a romantic weekend.

With this in mind, you might think that you need to book in advance. That’s wrong! Due to their turistic vocation , the inhabitants of the lake have developed a great hospitality and it is easy to find last minute packages and advantageous offers , especially in the low season.

Relax, nature, fun , culture. You just have to choose!

Thanks to its particular climate and its location near Verona, a step away from the hills of Valpolicella , the mountains of Baldo and Lessinia, on Lake Garda you never get bored and there is always something to do, every day of the year.

Mount Baldo and the mountains

Going to the lake to go to the mountains!
It sounds crazy but it is not at all. In fact the entire Veronese side is 
a network of paths and nature trails that will take you to the top of Baldo, to enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire lake. 
Wheter you are fond of mountainbike, hiking, climbing or want to take your children for a walk, Lake Garda and Baldo area have a solution for everyone!

Sport for all tastes!

World sportspeople, unite yourselves!
Lake Garda is a paradise for sportsmen and women who come from all over Europe to practice their favourite activities. 
At Garda Lake you will find a real playground for adults : golf, sailing, paragliding, kite surfing, cycling and any other full of energy sports.

Amusement parks

Children and families prefer them, the large amusement parks.
Gardaland is the perfect place to come back as a child and spend a day full of fantasy and laughter 
This is not all : do not forget nature lovers , who can admire colours and shapes of aquatic life at Sea Life Aquarium and see lions, giraffes and many other exotic animals in the protected and ethically sustainable environment of Parco Natura Viva in Bussolengo.
Furthermore you can enjoy movies experience  at Movie Land in Lazise or play on the slides of one of the several water-parks in the surrounding area.  

Culture and region

Verona: city of art and culture.
Reaching the city of Romeo and Juliet, departing from Garda Lake ,
is a child’s play!
The magic of opera, the  historical centre rich in Roman and medieval testimonies, the beautiful churches and the majestic of the Arena are just some of the experiences that will enrich you in Verona.
But please let’s not forget that the whole territory of Lake Garda is equally rich in culture. You can visit the village of Malcesine and the Rocca del Garda; follow in the footsteps of Dante, Catullus, Göthe and St.Francis or get lost in the narrow streets of Lazise, Peschiera and Torri del Benaco. 
The possibilities are endless; culture at your fingertips!

Relax and wellness centres

As if this is not enought , let us remember many thermal-baths and SPA at disposal in the region Lake Garda. 
If your goal is to regenerate , give you pleasure and treat yourself to pampering, Lake Garda will cradle you in a series of sensory experiences, including hot springs, regenerative routes and complete relax, perhaps tasting a glass of the exceptional wine produced throughout Verona district. 

Lake Garda is the perfect destination for your special weekend , to find your energy and live unforgettable moments, even for a short weekend.
Do not miss the opportunity  to give you and those who love you , moments of pure serenity and joy of living!