The best views of Baldo: walks and breathtaking views for everyone.

Walking, what a passion! With dozens of trails suitable for all levels of experience and preparation, the Monte Baldo Park is the ideal destination for all lovers of the mountains and outdoor activities. 

Monte Baldo offers so many possibilities that nobody knows exactly how many km of trails are developed in the area. What is certain is that Baldo Park has a trail for everyone, from families with small children to more experienced hikers. 

Monte Baldo is actually a mountainous massif whose highest point reaches 2218 meters of the Cima Valdritta. But beyond the height and the enormous number of trails, what does this special park have to offer?

Two things: an exceptional nature, with a biodiversity so great that it has earned the title of Hortus Europae (Garden of Europe) with plants from 4 different climatic zones (from the Mediterranean to the Alpine) and views truly unique in the world. Both sides face very special situations: the east side faces the Val d’Adige, from which you can see the spectacular Lessinic plateau, while the west side offers the breathtaking view of Lake Garda in its entirety. 

The whole area of Baldo is the perfect place to “get lost” between the green of the pastures and the blue of the sky and to transmit love for nature to the little ones.

Dozens of local activities are dedicated to children, including donkey rides and educational farms. In the alpine huts your children can have wonderful experiences with animals in their natural environment and during the walks it is not uncommon to meet chamois, marmots and watch the golden eagle soar free in the sky. 

To get to the top and enjoy the view you don't have to walk: the Baldo cableway that leaves from Malcesine will take you directly to Tratto Spino, from where you can continue on foot to the nearest malghe (shepherd's huts) and enjoy a typical lunch or leave for your excursions. As we said, the trails are so many and different that it is impossible to mention them all. 

We have selected 3 for you, among the most scenic and suitable for different levels of experience.

“Anello della Colma”

This first route is really perfect for families: breathtaking views of Lake Garda, Presanella and Adamello await you. With a difference in altitude of only 179 metres and a length of just over 3. 5 km, the Colma loop is suitable for everyone and takes place entirely on a very comfortable gravel road which can be reached directly from the cable car station. A curiosity: you will pass by the area from which the paragliders that often dot the sky of the lake take off. Seeing their departures is always a thrill.

The Ventrar Trail

Exciting, but not for everyone because of some exposed sections that require a minimum of attention (the CAI classifies the route as EE, recommended for hikers with a sure footing). You'll have the chance to traverse rocky, almost lunar landscapes that suddenly open up to incredibly scenic views. The entire route is less than five kilometres long with a modest positive height gain of only 514 metres. If you follow it from the opposite side, you can end the excursion with a stop at the Bocca Navene refuge, only ten minutes away from the path!

Peaks tour

The hike par excellence, suitable for experienced hikers and certainly challenging both for the length (9km) and the difference in altitude (818 meters). An effort that is definitely worth it: you will walk along the ridges, passing all the peaks. You will meet chamois, you will touch the sky with one finger once you reach the top of Cima Valdritta and - upon reservation - you can stop for the night at the Rifugio Barana di cima Telegrafo. We recommend it: watching the sunset from up there is a truly unforgettable experience.