Castello Scaligero Lazise

With its location in the northern part of the village and directly overlooking the lake, the Scaliger Castle is one of the best preserved castles in the whole area of ​​Lake Garda. The history of this building is very articulate and charming and for this reason it’s also used for particularly curious events.

Built in the ninth century as a defensive outpost against the invasions of the Hungarians in northern Italy, the building was finally completed at least a century later, when the Emperor of the Holy Roman Emperor Otto II granted to the inhabitants of Lazise to finish the construction works. Only later, the castle and the entire village came under the control of the town of Verona and then of the Scaligeri family: a testimony of this period have survived the coats of arms of the family places at the two entrances of the castle itself, chiseling made by Emperor Massimiliano pander to the disapproval of the inhabitants of the village against the violent politics of the same Scaligeri.

Up to this moment, the building has retained its original conformation, based on a square plan surrounded by five towers and the keep. That all changed when the Austrian rulers were able to sell the Castle Scaligero to an individual, who decided to use it as a stone quarry, causing him damage and so many changes. But if you still have the opportunity to admire one of the most beautiful medieval buildings we owe it to Count Buri, who bought the castle in the nineteenth century and restored all those parts that were not destroyed.

The same ancient port, which had been so neglected as to become a swamp, was completely buried and renovated to become a splendid romantic garden that still surrounds the castle itself, where you can see a stream that collects water from the surrounding hills and then it spills into the lake. Since we still live, you can not visit the interior of the building, but a trip to this area of ​​Lake Garda is always recommended if you want to delve into the history of this town so charming and magnetic.