Monte Baldo, between walks and cable cars

No wonder the surroundings of Lake Garda attract thousands of tourists each year thanks to the landscape and environmental beauties of the area. The fascinating games of light on the water's hair, the lush vegetation lining the paths and the lively colors of nature have always conquered especially hiking and walking enthusiasts, never letting the lazy tourists even indifferent. In this regard, Monte Baldo is an almost compulsory stage for those who decide to spend the holidays on the eastern side of the lake. Known once as the so-called "Shepherd Mountain" because of the large pastures that moved around the area, the mountain is now called the "Garden of Italy" thanks to the wonderful plant species and blooms that populate it.

Some of these, which are really worth seeing, are even glacial residues that have survived thanks to the particular position of Monte Baldo, which has always managed to emerge in height between the various ice casts. If you do not want to miss this incredible show, then you should look for a walking itinerary right away. Experienced tourists will definitely dive on paths that climb along the slopes of the mountain, while the most comfortable will be the spectacle of nature surrounding the shores of Lake Garda. And right from here, just a few meters away from the beaches, which begin most of the trekking hiking trails, some of which allow to reach even higher altitudes, such as the 2218 meters of Cima Valdritta, the highest peak Of Monte Baldo.

Less experienced tourists can start moving around in the area following hiking trails or in the area between Malcesine and San Michele. Here the trails are easier and less laborious, with asphalt roads and climbs with slight gradients, without obviously giving up a fascinating and fascinating landscape. The ideal would be to move from these locations to the summit of the mountain on foot so that you can fully grasp the variations in climate and colors that characterize the different altitudes, but it is clear that this is a suitable route exclusively to those who are usually practicing Hiking or long walks in the mountains. To enjoy the spectacle from above, you can still take the Malcesine Monte Baldo Cable Car to the Tratto Spino area, which is 1760 meters high. From here there are plenty of easy, easy-to-follow trails that you can follow to discover the luxuriant nature of the area, with plenty of restaurants and refreshments where you can relax during a break. For the more experienced ones, just from Tratto Spino leave some challenging paths that can last even for two or three days, but they certainly offer breathtaking panoramic views and absolutely crazy landscapes.