All the Castles of Garda

Garda, land of art, fun, relaxation, bon vivre and. . . culture.
It is no wonder that the lake area has been inhabited since ancient times: the climate and the generosity of this land have made it an ideal place to live and prosper, so much so that even in Roman times the wealthiest citizens of the Empire built marvellous villas to withdraw from the hectic life of the Roman cities.

In the following centuries, many castles and fortifications were built on the waters of Lake Garda: easily defended structures of great strategic importance for the lords who controlled the commerce of such a rich area.

However, we like to think that behind the beautiful castles of Lake Garda there was not only a practical need, also because many of them are located in beautiful areas.

Today, the castles of Lake Garda are the destination of thousands of visitors who walk through the great halls every year and take a dip in the past. The most important are:

• The Scaliger Castle of Torri
• The Fortress of Peschiera del Garda
• Castle of Bardolino
• Castle of Sirmione
• Castle of Penede (Nago Torbole)
• Castle of Moniga
• Castle of Desenzano
• Castle of Lazise
• Castle of Malcesine
• Fortress of Manerba
• Castle of Lonato
• Castle of Padenghe

Let’s see together which are the most evocative castles and discover their history!

The Scaliger Castle of Torri

Let’s start with the wonderful Scaliger Castle of Torri, a town inhabited for more than 4000 years! The history of Torri goes back to prehistory, but it is from the 12th century that the area becomes really important: the Verona side of the Garda becomes the scene of the wars that involved the Barbarossa, the Scaligeri, the Visconti and finally the Republic of Venice.
The Castle, erected in 1383 by Antonio Della Scala, is a true masterpiece of military architecture. With its three towers and the imposing wall curtain it protected the village and the port of Torri.

Fortress of Peschiera del Garda

In the case of the Fortress of Peschiera we cannot speak of a real castle, but of a whole military complex that protected the town.

Peschiera is still today an example of a fortified city, surrounded entirely by walls. Since Roman times, Peschiera (then called Arilica) was a very important commercial and military center. Again, Scaligeri first and the Republic of Venice then further fortified the city, later conquered by the Austrians and finally by Napoleon.

In 2017, the Fortress became a UNESCO World Heritage Site: a truly unmissable destination to learn more about the history of Lake Garda.

Castle of Malcesine

Malcesine is a real pearl on Lake Garda, a charming and romantic favourite destination that can not be missed on any trip on the lake.

The history of Malcesine Castle is among the oldest, dating back to the Lombard domination. It is really difficult to say which part of the Castle is the most beautiful, because the whole Malcesine is breathtaking. The property is perfectly set in the old village, and the breathtaking view of the lake from the balcony at the end of the courtyard, is worth visiting alone.

A special tour for history lovers

These three castles can be visited in a single day, being not far from each other. Starting early in the morning, you can also make a stop at the Castles of Lazie and Bardolino, visiting all the fortifications of the Verona shore.

But if you love history like us, we are sure that it will not be enough and you will want to visit them all. We are at your disposal to help you organize your very personal tour. As always, you just have to ask at the reception, we will be happy to help you!