Cyclotourism: why choose Lake Garda

It's winning over more and more people, it's a great way to combine sport and culture and to spend time in the open air. . . and done in a group it's even more fun: it's no wonder that cycling tourism involves more and more people! 

Throughout Europe there are thousands and thousands of kilometres of itineraries to visit by bicycle; Italy itself is crossed by a dense network of routes that connect different regions.

Especially in northern Italy, the cyclist enjoys many support facilities, from catering to overnight stays, without ever leaving the chosen route.

But there is one place in particular that is rightfully a cyclist's paradise. Yes, we're talking about Lake Garda. All enthusiasts know that right around the lake there are plenty of bike paths that allow you to explore the many villages in different stages and to access incredible panoramic views. 

These itineraries alone are worth the experience of a holiday on the Lake. But in 2021 the true cycling enthusiast will see his greatest dream come true: the completion of a cycle path that circumnavigates the entire Lake Garda.

Garda by Bike

Garda By Bike is certainly one of the most ambitious projects that have involved Lake Garda in recent years: we are talking about a 140km itinerary that will allow cyclists to do the whole tour of the lake in one or more days. The route crosses 3 regions (Veneto, Trentino and Lombardy) and will become the centre of cycling Europe! 

It will in fact be connected to all the main cycling routes of Europe, including VenTO (the cycle route connecting Venice to Turin) on the east-west axis and to the cycle route of the Sun, which crosses Italy from north to south, connecting the Brennero with Palermo and, as if that were not enough, it will become part of the EuroVelo circuit, being connected Eurovelo 8 (the 5900km long Mediterranean cycle route from Spain to Cyprus) and Eurovelo 7 (more than 7400km from the North Cape to Malta!)

The most beautiful cycle path in Europe

But if Europe offers such extensive routes, why come all the way to Lake Garda to do some cycling? 

Well, one reason would actually suffice: we are talking about the Garda cycle path and precisely the section that goes from Limone to Riva del Garda, defined by many as the most beautiful bike path in Europe. In fact, it is one of the most popular slopes in Europe! 

What is so special about the Garda cycle path? Simple, it is simply SPECTACULAR, because it is built overhanging the lake, built partly on wall and partly on rock, using bridges and arches made of iron, steel and lots of wood.

Despite the breathtaking views and the sensation of flying over the water, the Garda Cycle Path is passable by all types of bicycles and has wooden traffic islands and well-defined bridges, making it perfect for families as well.


Routes suitable for everyone, even the most experienced

Garda By Bike will be accessible to everyone, but will not leave anyone unhappy: the stretch that goes from Limone to Gargnano is in fact so challenging (only for real experts!). that there is a boat connection between the two locations.

And speaking of routes suitable for well-trained cyclists, Lake Garda offers challenges for the more experienced: the routes are not limited to the ring around the lake, but also extend to the western side of the Monte Baldo massif, with really tough climbs such as Punta Veleno, famous for its gradients that in some places reach 20%!

Visit the Lake in all its beauty

Visiting the lake on a bicycle is an exceptional experience that will take you through breathtaking landscapes and enchanting panoramas.

The hospitality of the people of Garda will leave you speechless: the entire route is literally studded with services, restaurants, bars, refreshment points and assistance centres dedicated to cyclists. And if you don't have your bike with you (or it's your first experience) no fear!

There are many bicycle rental points, with availability of models suitable for everyone, even with pedal assistance for those who want to enjoy the best of the routes without tiring too much. 

What are you waiting for, book your holiday: visiting Garda by bike will be an unforgettable experience!