How hard is that? Understand the levels of difficulty on the Baldo trails.

If there is something you can never tire of, it is the walks on Baldo. Behind Lake Garda, in fact, the excursions and trails that can be done both during the day are really many: with over 40 kilometers of extension from north to south, the Monte Baldo chain offers countless marked trails, with difficulties ranging from the simplest walks to real mountaineering passes.

Anyone preparing to go to the mountains must know the basic safety rules. Don't worry, it's not difficult, but it's good to remember them. When you decide to make a hike in the mountains, of any difficulty, it is good to take the following precautions:

-Be well informed about the difficulty of the route and choose suitable hikes
-Stay on the marked trails
-Leave said where you go
-If you plan to stay or stay overnight at the shelter, call first to check availability.
-Check the weather.
-Dress appropriately.
-If there's a thunderstorm come back immediately or don't start at all
-when in doubt, go back and don't take any chances.
-Who goes slowly, goes healthy and goes far: steady pace, suitable footwear (do not go in slippers or with city shoes: always use only trekking or approach shoes)
-Take frequent breaks.
-Always stay hydrated and bring enough water.
-Turn off your phone and keep the battery charged for any emergency calls.

In general, common sense is your best adventure companion. To help you in choosing the route to do, however, there are the difficulty codes of the CAI, which has prepared a scale of evaluation of hiking difficulties.

The difficulty levels are divided into T (tourist), E (hiking), EE (for experienced hikers) and EEA (for experienced hikers with equipment). The latter, which involve the use of self-insurance devices such as harnesses, heat sinks, carabiners and cords, not to mention the always indispensable helmets and gloves, are further subdivided into easy, easy and difficult.

In general, anyone who is not very familiar with the mountain, should limit himself to following the trails of difficulty T or at most E, which in general are always very well marked and accessible to anyone with a minimum of physical preparation for walking.
The beauty is that Mount Baldo and the whole area of Garda offer dozens and dozens of trails with low difficulty, suitable for families and in many cases also for children!

For a complete list and many resources on the excursions of Baldo, we recommend you to consult the website https://www.magicoveneto.it/baldo/trek.htm or to search the maps of the trails and routes on https://www.wikiloc.com/.
And for all the guests of our hotel, do not hesitate to ask reception about our favourite routes!