May paragliding on Lake Garda

May is one of the best months to try the Paragliding experience on Lake Garda

Not an experience for the faint of heart ... or maybe not?

The truth, about paragliding, is only one: it is a unique experience that everyone should have at least once in their life.

Now close your eyes and imagine a meadow in front of you, a breathtaking view, the lake in the background and the solid mountain earth under your feet.

A race full of waiting, the muscles of the legs moving and then the sensation of a giant hand lifting you, weightlessness, the sun on your face and the wind in your ears.

Below you the blue of the lake and the green of the bush.

Those who have done it describe it as a feeling of absolute freedom.
And the fantastic thing is that Lake Garda is the perfect place to try the paragliding experience: some of the best paragliders in Europe train right here. Search Youtube to believe!

The perfect season

Let's start with WHEN: May is - without a doubt - one of the best times to paraglide on Lake Garda. The climate, the winds, the weather this month are simply perfect, whether you are an expert paraglider like the many who crowd the skies throughout the year, or whether you are at your first experience.

How does it work

A paragliding flight over Lake Garda usually lasts two hours. If this is the first time you try this sport, you need to book a tandem outing with an instructor, who will fly in a harness with you and guide you on your first flight!

The structure will provide the glider (the actual paraglider), the harness and everything you need to fly in complete safety. All you have to do is show up for the appointment and get on the off-road vehicle with the instructor, who will take you to the launch area, usually at an altitude of about 1800 meters on the lake side of the Baldo.

After putting on the harness and hooking up with the instructor (who will take care of everything in your first launch!) You will take flight, usually lasting 20/30 minutes before landing in one of the landing areas set up on the beaches of the lake. of Garda


The cost of a tandem paragliding launch on Lake Garda ranges from € 100 to € 170, depending on the season (May is still considered low season!), Duration of the flight and other ancillary services (we recommend registration with action- flight cam to relive the emotion whenever you want).

The structures on the lake are so many. Among all we recommend the following:

Bardolino: Herbert Planatscher Paraflying - c / o Campeggio Serenella

Costermano: Yeti Extreme, Loc. Ronco - 7 Costermano Tel. 345 8522387

Caprino Veronese: Deltalan - Loc. Zerevote Tel. 045 6230024

Malcesine: Paragliding Club Malcesine - Via Gardesana, 36 Tel: 335 6112902
Fly2Fun Sports Ass

Arco: Free Flight Alto Garda - Via Segantini, 28 Tel. 0464 531080

We have already tried it, and there are those in our staff who are so passionate about buying a sail. One of the sails that you see flying in the sky could be his!

In any case, do not hesitate to ask us for information: we will help you book this magnificent experience.