Off-road on Lake Garda

The lake, the unspoilt nature and. . . the engines!
After all, who doesn't like SUVs?
Offroading is a beautiful way to enjoy nature, get to low-crowded areas and travel in complete freedom.
The people of off-road riders are always great lovers of outdoor life and the outdoors, which is why so many visit our beautiful Italy, full of trails and wonderful paths.

And Lake Garda (and its surroundings) are certainly not inferior: with all the trails available to explore, the entire Lessinia area is the ideal place to experience the off-road experience.
However, there are some rules to watch out for: some areas and routes are forbidden to motor vehicles, so it is good to check before you leave. In any case, just stop and continue on foot!

What are the best areas?

The whole area of the lake, as we well know, offers evocative views and marvellous views. But if we talk about off-road, then there are three areas in particular that you can't miss: the first is certainly Lessinia. Just beyond the Baldo chain opens the area of the Lessini mountains, a real paradise for off-roaders. Between Erbezzo and Giazza there are many dirt roads to tackle. You move from pastures to forest areas in the middle of wet valleys called vaj.

The whole area from San Giorgio upwards, i. e. Upper Lessinia, offers spectacular views and many sights to visit, including small districts, Austrian forts and numerous mountain pastures dotted the area. If you don’t want to miss anything, this “super track” is just for you! https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/super-track-lessinia-55538526

The second area, very convenient for all our guests, extends from Cavajon Veronese to San Zeno di Montagna, in the lower part of the Baldo chain overlooking Lake Garda. Here the landscape is dominated by the reflection of the lake and the hills on which extend vineyards and olive groves. Unfortunately, it is not possible to go further north, since the Baldo area is a nature park and therefore forbidden to motor vehicles (although nobody forbids you to get on the provincial road and continue exploring on foot).

Our favourite? Definitely this: https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/affi-forte-san-marco-caprino-veronese-monte-baldo-rifugio-la-capannina-bocca-del-creer-rifugio-graz-13845308

The third area, finally, is located beyond the lake, on the shore of Brescia. There are two options here: use the ferry that goes from Torri to Toscolano Maderno to take the cars to the other side or - a longer but equally impressive option - circumnavigate the lake and get to the other side by road, passing through Limone and Tremosine. The whole west bank up to Salò and Vobarno offers many routes to be covered on light dirt roads that can be tackled by any SUV. We recommend you to visit the famous Tremalzo pass following this trail: https://www.wikiloc.com/offroading-trails/da-vesio-a-passo-tremalzo-43234468

Whichever road you wish to take, we will be happy to be your “campobase” on the lake. And after a day spent in the open air we will know how to refresh you and offer you the right rest in our comfortable and comfortable rooms!