The magic of the Vittoriale and the Tener-A-Mente Festival

The most beautiful of all is 100 years old: We are a bit biased, but one of the most evocative theatres in Italy is built right on the shores of one of the most appreciated lakes in Italy, our Lake Garda. We are talking about the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the famous open-air theatre and residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio, born to celebrate and above all to show the vices of an inimitable life, that of the poet and soldier probably the most patriotic who ever lived.

Work began in 1921, thanks to the talent of the architect Gian Carlo Maroni. Buildings, squares, streets, waterways, gardens and large green spaces. . . we all agree that just calling it “theatre” is reductive. The structure is in fact the mirror of a miniature city that shows itself in all its refinement and harmony of the relationships between interior and exterior spaces.

But what is today Il Vittoriale degli Italiani? In addition to having become one of the most visited museums in Italy (in unsuspected times there were 200,000 people a year), it is a Foundation open to anyone wishing to visit it. In fact, there are various audiences who organize a visit to the Vittoriale every season, in honor of various occasions not strictly related to the museum’s activity, such as concerts, festivals, and countless other cultural and educational initiatives.

A reference point for schools in neighbouring regions but not only, the Vittoriale has also been equipped over the years to become an educational centre and a “Friendly Museum” for first and second grade schools looking for alternative lessons, themed projects and workshops, or school-work alternation initiatives for older children. From Brescia, Milan, Verona, Trento and Bolzano, there are many teachers who accompany the classes on a field trip to convey to them the value of D’Annunzio’s famous aphorism “must your life a work of art. ”

This year, the best news is that in addition to having reopened to the public, the passage through the white zone of the village allowed the organization of Tener-A-Mente, the most anticipated summer festival of 2021 (and not only) of the lake, especially by lovers of the Italian music scene. Many are the concerts in progress that are reaching the “all sold out”: At the end of June Coma-Cose performed with the crowded stands, while now we are waiting for Samuele Bersani, Gianna Nannini, Antonello Venditti, La Rappresentante di Lista, Zen Circus. . . and many others.

The nostalgia for moments of sociality, leisure, culture and shared passion such as music, is finally over: Now it’s all real, and the Vittoriale is proudly the protagonist. And you, are you going to come by? ;)