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Experience adventure at the Jungle Adventure Park in San Zeno di Montagna

Welcome adventurers! Are you ready for an unforgettable experience at the Jungle Adventure Park in San Zeno di Montagna? If yes, hold on tight because I will take you on a journey through one of the most exciting and fun destinations near Lake Garda.

Team building on Lake Garda

Holidays, sports, but also… work! Lake Garda is the perfect place to carry out one of the most pleasant (and constructive) activities in the workplace: team building!

Spring and crazy weather, what to do on Lake Garda when it rains.

And so you decided to unplug and take a few days on Lake Garda, to relax and recharge your batteries. Spring is one of the best times to visit the lake and its surroundings and yet, despite the famous microclimate and draughts that keep out disturbances, March and April are famous for being crazy: a few days of rain are unavoidable.

Off-road on Lake Garda

The lake, the unspoilt nature and. . . the engines! After all, who doesn't like SUVs? Offroading is a beautiful way to enjoy nature, get to low-crowded areas and travel in complete freedom. The people of off-road riders are always great lovers of outdoor life and the outdoors, which is why so many visit our beautiful Italy, full of trails and wonderful paths.

How hard is that? Understand the levels of difficulty on the Baldo trails.

If there is something you can never tire of, it is the walks on Baldo. Behind Lake Garda, in fact, the excursions and trails that can be done both during the day are really many: with over 40 kilometers of extension from north to south, the Monte Baldo chain offers countless marked trails, with difficulties ranging from the simplest walks to real mountaineering passes.

The most beautiful Christmas market on the Lake.

A Christmas market like this, we promise, you have never seen. We already told you last year about the various Christmas markets that brighten up the villages of Lake Garda throughout December. There are so many of them and they all deserve to be seen. But there is one that deserves special mention: we are talking about the Christmas market in Canale di Tenno.