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You, a horse and Garda as the perfect setting

Sun, fun and lots of relaxation: summer has now begun! It is the season of shooting stars, diving and golden tans. It is the right time to recharge the "batteries" and escape for a few weeks in the company of friends and family.

Mille Miglia sul Garda, the only traveling museum in the world

The roar of the engines, the glamour of vintage cars, the charm of the clothes and style of the past, recalled year after year in an event that every car enthusiast dreams of seeing: we are obviously talking about the “Mille Miglia”, the car race. period - or perhaps it would be better to say the parade - that has been crossing Italy in a clockwise direction for almost a century.

Discovering the Fiori del Baldo

in search of the spontaneous orchids of Baldo, in the wonderful Garden of Europe.

A snowshoe in the moonlight

Perfect for those who love snow and want to try a new experience, the night snowshoe is really not to be missed. Where? But on Mount Baldo, of course!

All the Castles of Garda

With its thirteen castles, Lake Garda is a must-see destination for lovers of history and the Middle Ages!