Are you nature enthusiasts or hikers and mountain bikers? Well, in both cases San Zeno di Montagna is undoubtedly the ideal destination for your vacation. Overlooking the eastern coast of the lake, this small town is known as the "balcony of the Garda" because of the wonderful panoramic view it gives.

But what fascinates tourists is above all the wonderful scenery surrounding the village, literally crossed by 45 kilometers of trails connecting it to nearby villages and towns. Many of these paths have been restored to the ancient mule trackers that once led pastors to the ponds, the buildings where milk and cheese were prepared, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the rural life that has always characterized this area.

From here you can choose to go down to the lake, crossing cyclamen woods and reaching the expanse of olive trees from which DOP extra virgin olive oil is obtained, or even climb to the tops of Monte Baldo, from which you enjoy a wonderful panoramic view Spends on the surrounding peaks. On days when the sky is very clear, you will even be able to see the Monte Rosa and, furthest, even the profile of Monviso. The area provides routes suited to all your needs and experiences.

It will be possible to find suitable itineraries for families or even to trekking experts who are perfectly able to move around the area even without specific directions. Before leaving, you will still be able to document the journey you will have to take, taking into account the fact that there are about two hundred arrows to signal the trails so that tourists can experience the safest and most enjoyable area at the same time.