A treasure among the rocks: the Sanctuary Madonna della Corona

Lake Garda and its surroundings never cease to amaze! What if we told you that just a few kilometers from the shores of the lake, beyond the Baldo mountain range, there is a truly incredible place?

We are talking about the Santuario Madonna della Corona in Spiazzi di Ferrara di Monte Baldo, an enchanting place steeped in history, perfect if you are looking for a day trip.

What makes the Santuario Madonna della Corona really special is its unique location. Nestled between rock walls and surrounded by breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Garda, the shrine offers an unparalleled spiritual and visual experience. The interior of the minor basilica is decorated with sacred statues by two great Veronese sculptors, Ugo Zannoni and Raffaele Bonente, which add great artistic value to the place of contemplation and reflection.

The shrine's location, clinging to the rocks overlooking the Adige Valley, leaves one breathless and expresses a unique majesty and strength. The earliest historical traces date back to the 13th century. Located on the slopes of the majestic Mount Baldo, the original sanctuary was carved into the rock, creating a mystical and evocative atmosphere. Over the centuries, the sanctuary has been a refuge for pilgrims and travelers, attracted both by the beauty of the place and the devotion to the Virgin Mary.

If you are looking for an excursion that combines history, nature and spirituality, this is the perfect choice. You can start your day with a leisurely walk through the village of Spiazzi di Ferrara, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and the charm of the ancient narrow streets. Then, head to the path that will lead you to the Sanctuary. The trail is stunningly beautiful, with views that open up as you climb.

How to get there: From Garda, you can take a car north to Spiazzi di Ferrara. The drive takes about an hour and offers picturesque views along the way. Once you reach Spiazzi, you will find directions to the parking lot and the path to the shrine.The Sanctuary Madonna della Corona di Spiazzi di Ferrara di Monte Baldo is a jewel that combines history, spirituality and natural beauty. If you want an escape from everyday life and want to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, do not hesitate to include this destination on your list during your visit to Lake Garda. Get ready for an experience that will leave you enchanted and enriched.