Give me a Vespa and I'll take you on vacation


It was 1999, and a song appeared on the radio that immediately became the hymn of summer carefree.

50 Special marked the success of Cesare Cremonini. But the real protagonists, in that song, are freedom, summer and above all the Vespa, an all-Italian icon that has accompanied trips, loves and unique moments of hundreds of thousands of young people from 1946 to today.

A myth gone?

Absolutely no.

Rather one that is renewed again and again, year after year, thanks to the work of many passionate Vespa enthusiasts who gather in colorful and trumpeting processions on the occasion of the numerous events dedicated to the most famous two wheels in Italy.

Would you like to be part of the myth for a day? Get back on the saddle and turn the clock back, or try a new and absolutely authentic experience?

From Desenzano to Riva del Garda, there are literally dozens of centers that can rent you a Vespa and make you experience a sense of absolute freedom.


What you need to rent a Vespa on Lake Garda?

Renting your Vespa is very simple: as a rule, you will be asked for an identity document certifying the age of 21, a valid driving license (A1 is sufficient, so driving license B is also fine), a credit card for the security deposit (please, that it is credit: prepaid cards are not accepted).

The prices are absolutely affordable: a rental day costs around 65 euros, and allows you to go anywhere on Lake Garda with no mileage limits.


Where to go on the lake with your rental Vespa?

Here comes the best part of all: the answer is literally EVERYWHERE. Yes, because by renting a Vespa to visit Lake Garda you not only ensure an experience of absolute freedom and joy, but also avoid all the traffic problems that - unfortunately - ruin many trips on the lake, especially on weekends!

The Vespa is agile, and allows you to reach the most suggestive corners without wasting hours and hours in line under the scorching sun. Even better if you stay at our hotel: Garda is right in the middle of the Venetian coast, and allows you to reach Desenzano or Limoni with the same ease. Do you want to take a tour of the magical streets of Malcesine? No problem, you'll be there in no time.

If we have convinced you, do not hesitate to ask us for information on where to rent your Vespa: there is more than one center in Garda, it will be a pleasure for us to help you organize your trip on a Vespa!