Journey into prehistory at Ponte di Veja

Verona and its surroundings are truly rich in nature, historical and nature trails, monuments and beautiful landscapes.
It is a rich and hospitable land. It is no wonder that man has always chosen the Verona area as his home.
The history of Verona - and of Lake Garda - has its roots in prehistory. What few people know is that the prehistoric archaeological sites in this area are unique in the world.

If you want to immerse yourself in nature during your stay, but have already visited the Monte Baldo botanical garden, if your children love stories about cavemen, or if you are simply curious about a really crazy place, then the Ponte di Veja is just right for you!

The Verona area can be considered the Eldorado of Italian prehistory. Human habitation has been constant since the earliest times, and Valpolicella is one of only three areas in the whole of Italy where there is evidence of contemporary frequentation between Neanderthals and modern-day Sapiens.

The Ponte di Veja is a unique Upper Palaeolithic site of frequentation. It is in fact a natural arch of about forty metres, which was once an enormous karstic cave. The archaeological site, which can still be visited today, is rich in flint tools of incredible workmanship: the skill of the prehistoric man who lived in Ponte di Veja was so great that some of the tips have been found in France and Poland!

The curiosities do not end here: the Ponte di Veja is so evocative that Dante himself took it as inspiration to describe the Malebolge in The Divine Comedy, and Mantegna reproduced it in Mantua in the Ducal Palace, among the frescoes of the Bridal Chamber.

Half a day is enough to visit Ponte di Veja, but there are many points of interest in the surrounding area. These include the Palaeontological and Prehistoric Museum of Sant'Annad'Alfaedo (a must-see for lovers of prehistory), the nearby Molina Waterfalls, equipped with a beautiful, cool park, and the Tibetan bridge in Val Sorda.

Our advice? Leave early in the morning, reach and visit Fumane, continue on to the Molina waterfalls or the Ponte Tibetano (where you can spend the late morning and warmer hours) and arrive at Ponte di Veja around four in the afternoon. At the end of the trip, a wonderful aperitif awaits you at Trattoria Ponte di Veja, before heading back to our hotel for the night, looking forward to another magnificent day of adventure!